One for the men : man make up tutorial

If this post makes you feel so unmanly that you need to go hunt a water buffalo and tear it to pieces with you bare hands, then skip it  and show it to your girlfriend or wife…she will handle it .

Girls…take note. This one is for you too : ungroomed men is a no no. I am not saying a weekly mani pedi for the gorilla slouched on the couch eating garlic Pringles out of the tube…but a tiny bit of man grooming goes a long way !

Worst that can happen is that you have to lasso him, wrestle him and tie him to the radiator while you do this on him…men will put up a fight for the manly sake of it but then you also get to use his man products .

From my gal again …Charlotte Tilbury , you rule !

good luck girls  !





5 responses to “One for the men : man make up tutorial”

  1. ¿Nunca has visto los vídeo de productos de belleza para hombre hechos en España? Son tremendos todo lo compran en Mercadona. Un día te daré una lista aunque puedes servirte tú misma en Youtube.

  2. Fufu says:

    Comment attirer les homos sans en avoir l’air.

  3. Juancho Melián says:

    You should walk around my office area, near the Apple HQ and the men you see walking around looking like they just woke up and have not showered for a week …it is discusting and depressing! It must be the
    new “in” thing now…no te creas…que las mujeres no van muy lejos que digamos!

    • eugenia says:

      Why don’t you send them the link to the tutorial ? would hate to go visit you in that MAN CAVE !