Buffalo Gal, traveller, bad picture taker, eater, cooker, random advice giver on anything from a road trip in Northern California to what is the best way to cook wild snails. ……FashionSphinx is a space of ramblings about all the above mentioned themes and the scrapbook I want to share .

From the point of view and filter of an urbanite brought up in the Andalucian countryside, living now on 2 continents and in 3 cities, loving fashion and food but always in the same clothes and on a diet, FashionSphinx is a place to have fun in, be honest and have bold thoughts on anything .

Milan, Florence, Paris, Los Angeles, Madrid, London, these are the cities I lived in. Production, music, fashion photography, advertising, choreography, digital content, TV production are some of the worlds I work in and some of the stories I tell.

I have also aggregated a new section called Diary Of A Fashion Student for my friend JN.   Just arrived in Paris from LA and doing a master’s degree in fashion, I have invited him to share with us his experience and diary. This section is dedicated to all the courageous kids from around the world who come to Europe to pursue their dreams. Fashion students in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Antwerp …..this one is for you.

A huge shout out to my friend Nicanor Cardenosa whose blog I read religiously. Without his expertise and tech support I would have never been able to build my little space.

Last but not least, another set of shout outs to my friends Ricardo Cadenas, the artist who did the beautiful sphinx portrait I use on the logo and my other buddy Shawn Stussy who contributed with the gorgeous graphics and made the logo happen. Ricardo, Shawn…you rock !  Thank you !


July 2013


kale and broccolini