Warrior babes

I prefer powerful clothes for women who have to go out into the tough world, rather than sexy ones for women who need to seduce and please all the time.

Maybe because when you feel powerful you also feel at ease to seduce, if you need to, BUT when you have your boobs and butt hanging out of your clothes, I think you probably feel too self-aware and maybe even slutty ?  There is also the thought that comes to me over and over again: are women always obsessed about seducing men?  they wake up in the working and go grab a coffee and they have to think ..’.oh I have to put my red Wonderbra on because I might meet someone I need to seduce at 8 am on my way to work ?’

I don’t think so.

I feel like telling Rihanna and Miley to relax a bit, to put their stuff away, boobs, butt, tongue,all that porn pop attitude is exhausting for us other mortals to keep up and the spiky stilettos are ruining our feet.

I was blown away by Alexander McQueen’s spring 2014 collection: Amazons,Tribal Priestesses, Zulus, Celtic Warriors are some of the words that Style.com uses so adeptly to describe it. I also like ‘Warrior Babes’ ….Lucinda Chambers at Vogue UK coined that one.

Here are some of my favorite looks, not that i could wear any of those to go feeling powerful at a meeting in Levallois Perret or Culver Cit , but regardless…..some breathtaking pieces to inspire you and make you get a monthly subscription of National Geographic magazine.











One response to “Warrior babes”

  1. Nicanor says:

    No he visto la colección completa. Con todo, a pesar de la espectacularidad, echo algo en falta del old-real McQueen. La sensación de profundidad y conexión con algo vital que realmente está pasando en el mundo… y la conexión con la cinematografía en el sentido de paisaje.