Supreme wish list

Finally managed to get into the New York shop on Lafayette. Since new clothing arrives every thursday , there are fans and followers lining up outside and waiting for hours to get in. By the time I went by  , 24 hours later ,a lot of items were already sold out

Supreme has been consistently good since it started in 1994 as a brand that caters to the skateboarding, hip hop and punk rock culture , the young counter culture at large. Even though it is for guys , I have always sourced some great basics from them…thick sturdy well made shirts,fun sweat shirts, beanies, flannels  and technical jackets .  Like with S Double Studio by Shawn Stussy , these are brands that I identify with and always feel comfortable wearing.

Oh and by the way…..Shawn Stussy did my FashionSphinx logo !


This is my wish list










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  1. Victoria says:

    So pick one fir Xmas, courtesy of your older sista’ pleaaase



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