Dear by Sun Yuan & Peng Yu

If you are in Paris do not miss the Dear exhibition at the Gallerie Perrotin.

It will be on until the 9 th of november 2013.

The four installations presented are monumental and very thought provoking . Conceptual artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are amongst China’s most controversial  , their vision is sharp and disturbingly hyperrealist and their installations express a vision of of the human condition in the modern world

I was blown away upon entering the first room and finding myself in front of a huge installation made of flying stingrays on leashes, a life size old woman floating into the sky alongside naturalized birds

Sun Yuan and Peng Yu are famous for working with very extreme mediums with their art works. They have used materials such as human fat tissue, live animals, and baby cadavers to deal with issues of perception, death, and the human condition.

You will be stunned and moved , inspired and shaken.






Or if you are in Lille ….the exhibition continues with a new setup for the occasion of Lille3000 from 10 th october 2013 to 12 january 2014 .


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  1. Jesus says:

    men with a stone head very significant, so we

    is stunning

  2. La lata de la pota con los baked beans….. a bit much


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