Film costume and the amazing Trish Summerville in Catching Fire

I just saw the film Catching Fire and I was mesmerized by the work of film costume designer Trish Summerville.

When she was a stylist to the stars I remember her first big moment with the chaps in Christina Aguilera’s ”Dirty” video by David LaChapelle.

Trish is behind Lisbeth Salander’s stunning outfits inThe Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and in Catching Fire she really goes overboard with some very fierce and extreme pieces.

With unique pieces from Alexander McQueen , including his famous Butterfly dress , the Indonesian designer Tex Saverio who created a massive chiffon and organza bridal dress  with laser cut feathers which catches fire, a cork dress by Jan Taminiau with shredded chiffon to look like fall leaves , the unique Fang shoes by Iris Van Herpen and lots of  sexy muted Spandex luxury workout clothes by Lucas Hugh for the actual hunger games  scenes.

You can now find the exclusive capsule collection inspired by the movie and designed by Summerville on NET-A-PORTER , it is called Capitol Couture . Check it out here

Oh and a shout out to the lovely and talented Jennifer Lawrence who looks gorgeously  ” fit and strong “ ….which is now the new skinny.








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  2. All costume are too much Amazing. nice creativity.

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    THANK YOU !!!