Lil Buck jooking

I have been reading every day in the papers about cult jooker Lil Buck’s performances at the Vail International Dance Festival in Colorado, but apart from this little piece below , I cannot find anything on youtube.

Anyway , i thought I would share because with Swan Lake Lil Buck has brought something very new and very special to the world of ballet and made it accessible to people , in particular the young ones , who would have never otherwise watched a ballet performance.

Jooking comes from a dance move called gansta walking, originated in Memphis in the 90’s . You can read all about it here .


Watch Swan Lake as revisited by Lil Buck in 2011 when he was in residence at Vail.



and his last piece at the Vail Dance Festival with Tiler Peck










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    gracias Genia!

  2. Isabel Mignoni says:

    Gracias por compartir Ginia. Es maravilloso!qué descubrimiento!

  3. Victoria says:

    How cool is that!