It seems that unless you know how to twerk this summer you are a complete loser. It is just everywhere, from Rihanna to Azealia Banks, Elliphant and even Miley Cyrus….all the girls have gone twerk mad.  Click here to see how its done







and if you absolutely must learn how to do , here is a 20 minute tutorial click  that will make you lose a few pounds and all your dignity too. Make sure you film yourself doing and send it to me to post  so we can share a laugh

ps because many of you commented and emailed me to ask (as if I was the master twerker )  if you needed junk in the trunk ( a big ass ) in order to twerk , I have no idea but I am sure it is easier when it jiggles naturally rather than no ?  er…..?

( and by the way  :  Miley Cyrus is a twerker and she has a small bum, look at the last pix, that is Miley  )




2 responses to “Twerking”

  1. Victoria says:

    First priblem… You need a beehind to do the twerk!!!

    • eugenia says:

      hahhahhhhahhahahhah yes……but Miley Cyrus is a super skinny white girl with no butt and she twerks !


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