Cork stools

I find these cork stools from Casares in Andalucia absolutely beautiful .

They are made by hand by an artist and each piece is unique. Ubrique is located in the Parque De Los Alcornocales  click, a huge natural park and the biggest cork tree forest or grove remaining in Spain.

I am very happy so see that young artists are using the natural resources in a creative way . Maybe one day soon cork will not be obsolete  and wine makers go back to using it to cork their bottles.

The main problem is that cork is becoming rare and expensive to harvest .

You can get these stools from the wonderful Lapety.com website  click  They specialize in selling handmade objects for the home and also accessories. They source from all over the world , Spain in particular, and have created a small network of artisans  who are making  unique pieces for them.

It is exiting to discover such incredible craftmanship.

The wicker stools in the first picture below are also from Lapety.com and i have a few of those in my living room that i pull out and scatter around the room when friends turn up or use them as low tables and put big wooden trays of tapas and drinks on top. Those come from a wicker artisan in San Lucar De Barrameda, Cadiz.





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  1. Really cool and ecological

  2. Juancho Melián says:

    MOLAN.. !



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