workout clothes and the athleisure trend

Workout clothing got so edgy and sexy that you really want to go to the gym and kill yourself doing 2 hours of weights or spinning just to be able to wear some of them looks….just kidding…well, no not really kidding .  I am looking at these and thinking       mmmmmmmm  maybe I’ll finally retire my old Adidas leggings and ratty cut off I Love Spain t-shirt ?

That way you can also sit in your workout clothes all day and not feel unfashionable . Hopefully you will feel fierce.  And motivated to do 32 sun salutations in a row. Also it has become a 2014/2015 trend….they call it athleisure . Whatever marketing ploy works.  I call it being confortable, lazy and and practical , as long as you make an effort every now and then and peel your sweatpants off every now and then .

I wrote about Lucas Hugh in an earlier post here . This was the designer who did the looks that film costumer Trish Summerville chose for the film The Hunger Games .

These are some pieces that I like a lot from both Lucas Hugh and Stella McCartney.










And from Stella McCartney for Adidas, some great options ( and much cheaper too)








2 responses to “workout clothes and the athleisure trend”

  1. fashionsphinx says:

    Totally agreed….if you look hot and cute and sexy going to the gym , you might go more often

  2. Muchas gracias por el post. Efectivamente ir “bien” vestido al gim te da más ganas d trabajártelo. Además como suele haber muchos espejos, nada como verte mínimamente bien equipado. Me encanta lo de Stella Mc.


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