Sybilla AW 2016. From Paris with grace and style.

From the Paris showroom and exclusively for fashionsphinx.com here is the beautiful AW 2016 collection. I have been following Sybilla avidly since her triumphant return two seasons ago and her collections have been constantly graceful and stylish.

I ask Sybilla for a description of the new collection:

New strong image pieces that are also extremely wearable and comfortable. We research volumes to create 3-D effects. We call them “carved clothes”: sculptural pieces where we develop different techniques to create a sensation of low-relief.

Colors are very important this season as pieces are developed to be combined with each other to create multicolored looks of different tonalities of greens, purples, oranges, yellow, pink or beige.

sybilla AW 2016

Colorful layers of ultralight reversible pieces with almost no seams, in felt, jersey and knit in surprising combinations.

Red, black and ivory are always present for the basic pieces.

Sybilla AW 2016

In this collection, we continue our search for the perfect day or evening dress, creating pieces that are at the same time surprising, flattering and easy to wear. The pieces you would love to have and wear for many years. Long-lasting coats, the best fitting pants, colorful, cozy cashmere knits and sensual t-shirts.

The importance of small pieces in the collection (jackets, vests, blouses and t-shirts), developed in elastic materials in new proportions, volumes and playful cuts.

The “Sybilla suit”: dramatic small jackets, blouses or T-shirts, combined with sleek skirts, pants or skirt-pants.

Sybilla AW 2016

The “wonder waist” effect, jersey skirt and pants that allow you to reduce the size of your waist as you wish.

The collection is full of unexpected, small details and surprising finishes: delicate printed linings and little hidden secrets and games that reveal themselves as you transform and play with the garments.

Sybilla AW 2016

Silhouettes: Each piece has its own personality and its particular silhouette, (body fitting, short, long, oval and A-line) creating contrasts between square and angular shapes and round and soft ones.

We came back to fashion with the desire of being of service to women, making pieces that make life easier and that can help you shine.

That is why a small selection of our bestsellers -our best-sold styles that have proved that they work- continue in the collection while we keep on improving them and developing them in new colours and materials. They are our “steady items”.

Sybilla AW 2016

Sybilla AW 2016

Sybilla AW 2016

Materials: Great importance of jerseys: Thick and light ones for coats and jackets, felted-jerseys for skirts and pants and lightweight viscose jerseys for dresses and t-shirts.

We have started a small leather and suede production in Spain, to combine with knits in wool, silk and cashmere we produce in Italy, creating beautiful contrasts of colours and textures.

Coats in lightweight elasticized wool gabardine, heavy wool crepe and double-faced wools.

Sybilla AW 2016

Sybilla AW 2016

A photografic print of a winter landscape in silk for lightweight dresses and coat linings.

Each season we like to collaborate with different artisans. Last AW collection we started with hand-made felt to incorporate a new craft in the collection and we continue it, making reversible pieces with no seams.   This season we have started collaborating with an expert in gold plate that is developing for us the applications of real gold to fabric as a beautiful and subtle elegant detail.

Sybilla AW 2016


Sybilla AW 2016

Sybilla: this collection rocks !

All photography by Felix Valiente.


5 responses to “Sybilla AW 2016. From Paris with grace and style.”

  1. Joaquin Gomis says:

    Precioso, perfecta colección. Sybilla ha hecho modelos que hablan totalmente de ella, de la evolución en su trabajo después de estos años…… y, no teniendo que ver mucho con los modelos de sus comienzos (es una colección muy síntesis de su trabajo en general) sigue sorprendiendo, apetece verlo, tocarlo, llevarlo……. Precioso. El sweter arena es magistral. En hora buena Sybilla.

  2. yasmin sabet says:


  3. Lilka says:

    WOW! I want entire collection for me! Amazing job Sybilla!
    Such a creativity!

  4. lula says:

    It definitely is superb!