From the garden with art

A friend of mine, the artist Jean Michel Jaudel , makes these beautiful compositions which then he photographs and frames.


I cannot think of anything prettier to decorate a home with  : bugs, fruit, twigs, thistles, branches, petals, leaves, seed pods are arranged  with so much art and poetry . And the titles make me smile too.


The Man From The Woods

Hot Lips


In The Wind



Scene From The Balcony



Mary Poppin’s Younger Sister



Aunt Agathe



A Budding Friendship



Come Here



The Garden



The Rose With Cheeks



The Flower With Lips





The Beauty Contest



Jean Michel’s contact is  jaudel@gmail.com

3 responses to “From the garden with art”

  1. Nicanor says:

    So, so, so beautifull…. Thanks again.

  2. maggie says:

    absolutely beautiful and poetic


J’adore Carlyne