25, October 2018

Writing my novel Wildchilds.

You can read about it here.   [caption id="attachment_3912" align="aligncenter" width="800"] Ethan James Green. [ read more ... ]

25, October 2018

Writing my novel Wildchilds

In July 2013 I started writing this blog. My sister Sylvia Melian had insisted so much that I think I did it to get her off my back. Or Sylvia just reminded me that I loved writing and that I had so many things to write about, from the arts and crafts of Andalusia to stories about my three decades as a fashion photographer's agent in [ read more ... ]

01, September 2018


I wrote Wildchilds. It took me four years. I had very clear ideas of what I wanted my cover to be: French auteur 1950’s with non-identifiable models. I wanted a mood, not a face. I wanted my readers to have their own picture of the main characters: Iris, a soon to be supermodel, and her lover Gus, a sexy chicano fashion [ read more ... ]