Bring on the ladybugs

Two nights ago we had to unleash an army of red spotted bugs and they managed to eat through a plague of aphids on some of my herb pots.

We have kept the garden spray-free for 5 years now and with the sometimes pain in the ass invasion of aphids we also have the pleasure of countless praying mantis, bees and spiders working away in a sort of convivial way .

We bought some ladybugs from a nursery , released them at dusk and they must have chomped aphids all night because now the pots are bug-free and i don’t need to spray them.

Live ladybugs are also sold on Amazon….how awesome is that ?  you receive by UPS a box containing 1.500 bugs…hilarious !

I saw that it is on a list of the 8 weirdest things you can buy online, here, along with a wooden toilet, a testicle self-exam kit , a whole raw rabbit and a kangaroo scrotum keyring.











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