African shirts from kenya

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this is what they say about their product :

About The African Shirt Company:

This shirt is made in a village called Kitege in Kenya. Clara and Ruth are 2 locals we taught how to pattern cut and sew, they made this shirt.

Every shirt sold buys £1 worth of seedlings for the local communitys’ tree nursery, which contributes to reforesting the area.


I am loving these colorful, cool and unique shirts for the summer. I also like it that they make so few of each pattern .

I am sure they will look great with shorts, chinos ,jeans, white jeans, cargos ,flowery hippy skirts and open over a bathing suit with a pair of slouchy drawstring beach pants.

As with the Hawaiian shirts I wrote about here,  I feel a burst of happiness when i look at them.




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  1. i love these fabrics!! i have used them for cushions on clients sofas but never worn a shirt like this! gorgeous!

  2. THanks for writing about us….
    Keep up the good work.
    Great Posts!

    • fashionsphinx says:

      thank you for writing !
      We love your fabulous shirts !! i have sent the link to your website all around the world Good vibes all around fashionsphinx

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