The best part about being Spanish and living in California is that everyone understands you, you get the most smiles out of people and you can understand everything people say.

I also like it when we Spanglish somewhere in the lines of ” those gringos they don’t entienden nada …dios mio , just good for carrying la compra “…..etc

One of the smoothest examples of the PERFECT use of Spanglish is in the track Mentirosa by Mellow Man Ace.  When I arrived in LA in 1989 this was playing everywhere. I guess it stuck with me forever.



There is also the Spanglish that the “yanitos ” speak . Llanito or yanito is Andalucian Spanish spoken by the people who live in Gibraltar click

It is a free form Andalucian Spanglish which is very familiar to me but can be pretty hilarious to listen to if you are not accustomed.


here is a very funny cooking class in yanito Spanglish



and then there is SOFIA VERGARA…she is in a category apart…language mangler, Spanglisher suprema. I watch Modern Family just to hear her  speak.



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