Summer playlist : Blast it

It is summer again and here are some of the songs that I am listening to  so loudly that my ears are going to fall off . Somehow old-school house music crept into my july playlist and it just feels so perfect . This is the real deal .

To listen to my 3 hour stream of some of my favorite dance tracks go   here     

(   https://soundcloud.com/fashionsphinx )

Here below is a short selection of some of them and why they count so much for me.

So : Can any track be more evocative of the summer and more delicious than You & Music by the late Donald Byrd , 1975 ….my favorite song as a teenager , I played that record so often that I drove my school roommates nuts and they had to confiscate it .



some sexy house music by James Ingram and mixed by the fabulous Masters At Work  ,  here is Lean On Me



another great house track from the year 2000  The Avengers   Something Special




I was so sad when Frankie Knuckles passed away this year…..he has been and is still so present during some of the best moments of my life…dancing , driving, cooking..

Frankie Knuckles   :  Tears , in it’s original 1989  David Morales mix ………how much I have danced to this track and continue to do so now




How do I Let Go  by Dennis Ferrer….brilliant mellow house track


Night Writers : Let The Music Use You…..another amazing track by Frankie Knuckles using one of his aliases




Frankie Knuckles pres.Hardsoul Back Together


Masters At Work  I can Get No Sleep……from 1993   YESS!


No summer playlist is complete though without a cool latin jazz sound like this magnificent track called A Night In Tunisia , by Puerto Rican artist Papo Lucca and La Sonora Ponzeña


and to round off the bump and grind list here is a slow and beautiful track from Damon Albarn’s new album…I can listen to this ten times a day : Lonely Press Play

Enjoy !

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