Summer sarongs

I am packing for a jungly beach holiday and pulled out some of my beautiful sarongs from Bali and my lungis from india .

I have a few in California , but most of my pieces are in Europe because I like to use them as big dramatic scarves draping them a few times around my neck.

Madras,batik , abstract or flower motifs , I love them all.  Just make sure that they are hand made and of good quality and that the motifs are recto verso and not just on one side which means that they have been printed on and not woven or dyed.
The second one with the big medallion is my mother’s own from 1950 , she had a big collection which she also used as bright tablecloths in Andalucia in the summer.  She wore her sarongs with big earrings and flat sandals out to dinner when she lived  in Manila.In the South of Spain during the 60’s , 70’s and 80’s she wore them with beautiful crisp tailored white shirts….to go out in the evenings , completed with a bright shawl and a fan.

The last one in red and sand was her head scarf…also from the 50’s.

Nothing more comfortable and chic than a simple white cotton shirt and a sarong or an Indian  lungi  click, for day and night , this summer.



5 responses to “Summer sarongs”

  1. Nicole says:

    Love the blog! and the sarongs 🙂

  2. Juancho Melian says:

    I love sarongs….but….can’t wear them! I would look like a hot air balloon!!

  3. I have one you gave me from Bali, draped over my sofa…..

  4. Marga says:

    You are chic so can get away with wearing anything!!!


R.I.P Madiba