I was at a conference in Paris this june at the Ecole Des Beaux Arts. David Lachapelle was talking to 100 art students and this particular phrase stayed with me regarding inspiration :          ” listen to your internal voice, at some point you must turn off all your electronic gadgets so that you can listen to yourself. That voice , your voice , will tell you what you must do and what is the option.”

Nicanor Cardenosa wrote a great article  for Smoda about David’s new show in Paris at the Gallerie Daniel Templon, you can read the piece in Spanish here .

And just as I was contemplating all this,and thinking how am I going to turn off my digital button this summer , the New York Times writes a fantastic article here about a digital detox camp you can go to if you want to spend 3 days unplugged and hugging people (and not networking for once ).

Sabbath Manifesto (Slowing Down Lives Since 2010 ) supports the National Day Of Unplugging 2014 .Click here  to support it and sign in. But don’t go crazy……you might want to inflict physical pain on yourself if you do this unprepared : unplugging is harder than you think and comes with health warnings…hahhahhahah.

Anyway…detox , retox, detox, retox…whether it is food, caffeine, digital or wine……summer hols are there for that…you detox from the digital shit and then you retox with the ice cream and rebujitos .

but it is all good anyway.


2 responses to “DIGITAL DETOX”

  1. Dale says:

    Why? Why? Why would I want to detox from digital equipment when I have too many other things to detox from first? Just go for a run or bike ride…

    • fashionsphinx says:

      I kinda get burnt out unless i can digitally detox for 24 hours one day a week.On sundays i turn all phones,confusers,and other devices.That works for me. An extended digital detox with no access to the outside world for 1 week sounds like heaven.



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