Sybilla’s new clothes

This past spring I announced in this space the return of our beloved fashion designer Sybilla.

Poetry, humor, sensuality and beautiful clothes for interesting ladies, like the ones pictured below of all ages and shapes.

Sybilla presents this week in Paris her awaited Spring/Summer 2016. Exclusively for fashionsphinx.com here is a peek into her new collection



The SS16 collection reiterates Sybilla’s constants: femininity, sensuality, comfort. Clothes that look good on every type of woman.  In the same way that Sybilla developed many versions of a wardrobe classic like the coat, for her winter 2015 collection;  for next summer she develops another classic item: the white shirt.
The fabrics are exquisite, soft and comfortable. Some of the fabrics used are “experimental” and made by small European manufacturers. These materials can keep their natural look and feel whilst improving wearability by incorporating for example, elastic fibers.
As is usual in her summer collections, silk, a fiber that Sybilla considers fundamental and therapeutic, will be found in varying weights and textures.
There is also a range of smart dresses whose versatility allows them to function in any occasion : day, night, travel etc .  The “feather coats & dresses ” are made of ultra-light fabrics which caress the skin, the “cool dresses” give you added freshness. And to top if off there is a series of simple pieces in black with strategic cut outs which provide a “dramatic” effect.
Can’t wait to see and try on the collection  !



Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 6.05.08 PM


And from the 14 to the 25 october the Winter 2015 collection will be on sale at Sybilla’s pop up store on 25 Mercer Street.  Sybilla’s general feeling is that pop ups allow her to have a direct contact with her clients and meet up with friends in each place. “It’s like a theatre company on tour, arriving at a city, doing a dance gig for one night and then on to another city.” says Sybilla.

sybilla pop up new york


All photos by Felix Valiente.

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