Some perfect looks : Tomas Maier cruise 2015

I am feeling huge loves for Tomas Maier’s Cruise 2015 collection: a bit masculine, a bit feminine, a bit minimalist, very practical , modern , classic.

can these looks , shoes and bags be more perfect ?  that slouchy man’s suit in cherry red ….the short black kaftan-like dress, the sheer muu muu with low neckline……..divine !

I know each one of these looks  will cost 1 trillion dollars because his fabrics and confection are the best of the best , but these go to my dream list anyway.

Somehow some of these looks feel like the new mood I detect in women’s clothes….” the invisible woman ” ,”power dressing 2014 ” , or beautifully understated and feminine clothes for women who don’t need flash their boobs or their jewelry in order to feel powerful and desirable . Or not .       You can read about it here.

oh and ps…note the flat shoes everywhere….so appreciated in the summer ! who wants to run around in big chunky tall shoes in the heat ,ruining your feet .

Just loving these slim little ballerinas with laces and the sandals….all the sandals.













and if you want to see more looks just click here for  The Cut 

(all photographs courtesy of The Cut )

8 responses to “Some perfect looks : Tomas Maier cruise 2015”

  1. Divine!! I want them all…..

  2. maggie says:

    J’adore !!!! just perfect perfect perfect !

  3. And some of the dresses in one more colour???? black black and more black

    • fashionsphinx says:

      noooooooo….so chic : kaki, black, white and cherry …..for summer ….what else do you need ? go crazy then on the accessories …..or wear a big bright silky scarf !

  4. carol ann says:

    So chic! Love the dresses and the jean skirt and the cherry red suit.

    • Carol ann a lot of those looks are just perfect for you, specially the dresses….you have the legs…..And arms and waist !

      Xxxxxx fashionsphinx


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