Diary Of A fashion Student in Paris : Full Disclosure

From my friend JN , whose Dairy Of A Fashion Student In Paris Part One you can read here

This is part two :

I want to admit something, maybe a bit of “coming clean.”

I was really unprepared for life and school in Paris.  I am so busy with school – it’s unbelievable and has made having a life difficult.  And not that living abroad as a foreigner is what’s got me down (or better, had me down – I’ve lived abroad in many senses before).  It was mostly a combination of paperwork and a difference in procedure that got me lacking…that and a 50 hr a week course schedule.

But with the New Year has arrived a new outlook and things have started to change for the better at school.  It really helps to have just one person, and I mean teacher, to talk to and I sort of have that right now.  If only it could have started out this way.  I’m entering the last trimester – I know…baaaaad, I’ve missed filling you in on so much – but time has been a precious currency that I’ve had to spend wisely but still felt it was squandered!  But I’m working on my end of the year project – I’ll fill you in soon (and with more pictures)!

I scarcely found the time to fulfil my visa duties (which is another story in itself) and was otherwise impersonal, sleep deprived, and starved for the first trimester and most of the second, I went out once since being in Paris and that was uneventful, finally cut my hair, talked to my parents just a couple of times since october, did laundry a few times (literally), found an apartment, opened a bank account, finally got a phone, lost the apartment, got depressed/sick, skipped school to find another apartment, fell behind, I’m also sure I was neglectful to my (mental) health, learned about French rental policies, found another apartment and moved out of the bohemian Pere Lachaise heaven of a Parisian jewelry designer I called home with a valise and the 3 metro and finally experienced the cattle call of OFII before I started to feel “official”….

Buuuuuuut, with this already passing New Year I have made a resolution to be active in my life here.  To not let this opportunity pass me by and to not toil away in a school that seems to be ever moving in place or worse in place in the past… I’m moving forward people!!

So, from the the smoggy coast of California and now the wet…wet of Paris – sometimes fashion, sometimes rants, maybe some food, and inspirations – but mostly what i hope is to offer a few bits of insight to what’s got me ticking here!

…maybe it’s interesting.

At any rate…re-bonjour and speak to you soon!


3 responses to “Diary Of A fashion Student in Paris : Full Disclosure”

  1. Sonia says:

    More, more, more!

  2. Nicanor says:

    “…maybe it’s interesting.” You bet? Just waiting to see what you “do” to Paris. Thanks for sharing.


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